Ngozi Omolaiye has over ten years’ experience in corporate communications in the local authority, insurance, telecom, and aviation sectors. She edited company magazines and newsletters for a greater part of her career.

Ngozi’s writing dates back to her secondary school days where she was the Editor-in-Chief of the Press Club. She also won the best Literary Student award in her graduating year.

Just before she went to University and during the first couple of years in University, she wrote short stories for a local newspaper in Nigeria.

For some strange reason, she did not pursue a writing/literary related career after her secondary school education. For the next four years, she worked in, sales and human resources consulting. Then, bang! It hit her that she was veering too far off from her passion and the conversation she had with her mum years back came back to her. Her mum had told her that her grand-father was called ‘ono okpokoro eme nka’ – the one who sits at the table to perform wonders. The wonders here meant writing.

Apart from writing Beyond The Distant Clouds her other major achievement was pioneering and creating the first company magazine for a multinational telecom company in Africa. She was the Editor of the magazine for two years.

Beyond the Distant Clouds is her first novel – the first book in her series, In Your Sokoto.

She lives in Essex, United Kingdom, with her husband and daughter.